Everyday, interesting people wander the sidewalks of Los Angeles: The girl who wears sparkly green high heels with her business suit, the kid who smokes two cigarettes at once, the homeless man who carefully arranges all of his belongings in shopping carts before he abandons all of it.

Natural, human curiosity begs the question “why?”

Perfect Stranger L.A. is a project devoted to the lives of these people, an up close look, one at time, of the individual in the millions of people who call Los Angeles home.

The goal of the project is to show the diversity of Los Angeles and surrounding areas. People will come from different neighborhoods and locations throughout the city– one day an entry will come from Farmers Market, the next day, from outside a neighborhood tattoo parlor. Entries won’t be written daily, but the blog will be updated frequently.

Webmaster and Project Creator Caitlin M. Foyt is a freelance journalist who enjoys telling the extraordinary story of our lives.

She’s a 2009 graduate of Central Michigan University, holding a B.S. degree in Journalism with News Editorial emphasis and French minor. Her work has appeared in Six Degrees Magazine, The Cass City Chronicle, The Grand Rapids Press, Between The Lines, Los Feliz Ledger and Mid-City Press.

This blog was recently acknowledged by web marketing website Sparkah.com on a list of LA’s Top 100 NON-Celebrity Bloggers You (the media) Should Take to Lunch.

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